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Invalid Deduction Payroll Type when I lodge my STP File
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Why is the ATO responding that I have an invalid Deduction Payroll Type when I lodge my STP File?

Applies to:
Reckon Account Business and Reckon Accounts Hosted.


Update 22/08/2018

The below issue has now been rectified for Reckon Accounts Business Desktop range product. i.e Reckon Account Business Plus, Reckon Account Business Premier and Reckon Account Business Enterprise 2018 R2.

Please refer to the KB5708 for fix.

The ATO requires that the deduction payroll items linked to tax tracking types Workplace Giving and Deductions (Union Fees/etc.) should be categorised as “Workplace Giving” and for any other deductions as “Fees”.

Reckon Accounts exports the STP file as the deduction’s payroll item name. this

Workaround will only work for users who only have one deduction item link for each Deduction tax tracking type. (Workplace Giving and Deductions (Union Fees/etc.)

  1. Click the list menu > Payroll Item List
  2. Edit your deduction payroll item name that is linked to tax tracking type Workplace Giving as exactly Workplace Giving

  3. Edit your deduction payroll item name that is linked to tax tracking type Deductions (Union Fees/etc.) as exactly Fees

  4. All your paycheque(s) that have deduction(s) will update automatically without refreshing every paycheque.
  5. Open your STP lodgement window and export your STP file again.
  6. Lodge your STP file again, and ATO will now accept it with no errors.
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Submitted: 7/5/2018

Modified: 8/22/2018 3:36:57 PM

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