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Invoice template is printing with unrecognized font or jumbled up characters
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My invoices from Reckon Accounts Business/Hosted are printing with unrecognized characters. All the fonts are jumbled up and are unreadable. This only happens with my customised templates. It prints OK with other default templates.


With the customised templates, users can change the fonts and other layouts in the templates. If an invoices or other documents are not printing as expected, it is most likely the fonts on those templates are corrupted.

Who does this apply to?

The issue is applicable to any Reckon Accounts Hosted or Desktop users.

Solution / Workaround:

Assuming the fault is on the corrupt Fonts on the templates, the issue can be resolved by editing the templates to refresh the fonts.

Detailed steps.

1) Open the Invoice template either by going to Lists > Templates > find the template and double click on it OR open any Invoice and ensure the correct template is chosen (from Template drop-down menu at the top right end of your screen)

2) Click on Customise.

3) You should now see the basic customisation window. Navigate to the section for ‘Change Font For’

4) 1

5) Select the appropriate Field from the list that the font is missing for.

6) Click on Change Font. And select the appropriate font from the list.

7) Do this for all the fields, where the printing was corrupt.

Once you have selected the font try printing again and you should be able to see the print correctly.

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Submitted: 1/24/2018

Modified: 4/11/2018 11:17:46 AM

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