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POS 2017 – Layby Balance can be wrong after EFTPOS layby payment.
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Why is the layby balance for my Layby customer incorrect, after processing their layby payment using linked EFTPOS?

I may also get an error message ‘change not allowed’, when processing the layby payment with linked EFTPOS.


Who does this apply to:

  • The issue only occurs in Reckon POS 2017 (initial release, ‘Version 2017 (20.0.7)’ in Help > About…). It does not happen in previous versions.
  • The issue only happens in Layby transaction payments with linked EFTPOS. ie. where the Tender EFT key used has the 'Use EFTPOS' checkbox ticked.
In Reckon Point of Sale 2017, if you make an EFTPOS layby payment using an EFTPOS device linked to Reckon POS (ie. the ‘Use EFTPOS’ option is ticked in the Tender EFT key setup that is used):

  • If the Tender EFT function does not allow cash out, you will get a ‘This function cannot issue change.’ Message. POS will say the payment has been cancelled, the customer balance and other balances in POS won’t be changed, but the payment will have been processed with the bank. To remedy, the payment can be reversed with the bank.
  • If the Tender EFT function allows cash out, POS will show double the payment amount, with half being cash out, even though only the correct amount is transferred via the bank. The end-of-day file will be correct for the layby payment but will also include a transfer from the Cash Register Funds account to the Undeposited Funds account due to the cash out. This General Journal transfer can be reversed in Reckon Accounts. Note that the end of day reconciliation for the cash drawer will be out by this amount also.


The issues above have been fixed for new transactions in Point of Sale 2017 Service Pack 1. This service pack can be downloaded from

All existing installations of Point of Sale Administrator and Terminal need to be uninstalled before installing Point of Sale 2017 Service Pack 1. In Help > About… the service pack shows as ‘Version 2017 (20.0.8)’.

Note that the service pack does not fix existing EFTPOS layby payments affected by this issue.

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Submitted: 10/6/2017

Modified: 12/20/2017 2:02:04 PM

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