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Processing Employment termination payments (ETP) in Reckon One:
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How do I process ETP in Reckon One?


Reckon One does not have the option to process the automatic ETP yet. You will have to process the ETP manually while the function is being reviewed. Please note we do not have ETA on this.

Process involves:

1) Creating the Termination Pay Items

2) Terminate the employee and processing the Termination pay.

3) Entering the ETP amount manually in the same Termination Pay.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1) Creating the termination pay Items.

Appropriate Termination Pay items should be created so as to use them on the termination pay.

i) Go to Cog Wheel Settings on the top right of your browser window, and click on Settings.

ii) Navigate to Payroll Settings, and click on Pay items.

iii) Click on Add button to add new payroll Item.

iv) Select Pay item Type as Earnings.

v) Select Earnings Type as Termination

vi) Fill out the details for Name, Description, and Expense Account etc.

vii) Select the appropriate Termination Type.

viii) Save and Close.



Repeat the process for other items, should you need to create more termination pay item.

After you have finished creating the pay items, next step is to process the termination pay.

Step 2) Terminate the employee and process the Termination pay.

Terminate the employee following this KB instruction in How to process the Termination in reckon One

Step 3) Entering the ETP amount manually in the same Termination Pay.

The final process of doing the ETP is now to enter the ETP pay items, created in step 1, to the termination pay from step 2.

Please follow the below steps, in continuity from Step 2, above.

i) Go to the termination pay (you created on step 2), and click on add new row to enter the Termination pay item.

ii) Add the termination pay item, created in step 1, into the Earnings and leave grid.

iii) Scroll down to Tax. You will notice the new line for Termination is added.



v) Click on details. You will get a prompt to enter Termination payments.



vii) Click on Add new row and enter the amounts you have calculated in the respective field.

viii) Save and close.

ix) Now Go back to pay run list -> Actions and Finish Pay run.

This will conclude the process of terminating the employee with ETP.

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Submitted: 8/16/2017

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