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Unable to untick the employee from Email list
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I am unable to select/unselect few employees from the email list for payslips. It will not let me deselect few employees. Unable to untick the employee from the Email list.


Users in PP 2017/18 release were introduced with a minor glitch in the reporting functionality where they were unable to select/unselect some employees from the email list. The Untick checkbox is not working.

We have now fixed the issue. Please download this correct file and replace it with the faulty one as stated below.

1) Close the Payroll Premier application.

2) Download the above file

3) Go to the Download Folder (or location that you have selected for the download) and copy the Rinb.exe file.

4) Now go to installation directory for Payroll Premier 2017/18 usually C:\ QPRollV26\Reports folder

5) Paste the Rinb.exe file here and replace it, when prompted “file already exists’.

This will now replace the faulty Rinb.exe file with the Good one.

You Should now be able to email the payslips to the employee and select or unselect selective employees.

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Submitted: 7/6/2017

Modified: 7/6/2017 12:15:24 PM

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