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ABA Preview shows blank or zero amount or contents of previous session or from another company file
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When I prepare an ABA file then click on Preview, why does Reckon Accounts show me a blank ABA file or a zero amount? It might also show the previous ABA file or the ABA file from another company file.


Ensure that all Reckon Accounts programme and Users have full permissions to the Reckon Accounts XXXX* folder in C:\ProgramData > Intuit.and C:\ProgramData > Reckon.

* where XXXX is your year version (eg: Reckon Accounts 2016)


The Issue

It appears the Reckon Accounts application does not have sufficient permission to view the current ABA file from the temporary location it is written to.   

When blocked it has difficulty finding the correct ABA file and will show either a previously created ABA file or a file with no data at all.   


Workaround 1:

Give the Reckon Accounts application full permissions

1.    In Windows Explorer go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2016 (you’ll see the installed version’s number in this location)

2.    Scroll to QBW32.exe and right click it

3.    Properties > Security tab > Edit button


5.    In permissions for, tick the Allow box for Full control and Modify

6.    Click OK > OK to save.

7.    Repeat for other QBW32.exe files – like, QBW32PremierAccountant.exe


Give Full permissions to Reckon Accounts Users:

1.    In Windows Explorer go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit

2.    Right click on Reckon Accounts XXXX (eg: Reckon Accounts 2016)

3.    Properties > Security tab > Edit button

4.    Highlight Everyone

5.    In Permissions for, tick the Allow box for Full control and Modify

Tick the box to apply to sub-folders as well

6.    Click OK > OK to save.

7. Go to C:\ProgramData\Reckon.

8. Repeat the process 2-6

Workaround 2:

Try running the Reckon Account as an Administrator. (Care: if your file is shared in network, you may have to remap the network drive. See KB 5423 for more information.

Launch Accounts Business with Compatibility activated for Run this program as an Administrator.

  1. Right-click your Accounts Business launch icon
  2. Select Properties > Compatibility
  3. Tick the box: Run this program as an Administrator
  4. Click OK to save.
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Submitted: 3/22/2017

Modified: 6/5/2017 11:24:37 AM

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