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Payroll Premier Help Menu does not work on Windows 10
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Why can't I access the help menu in Payroll Premier?


Payroll Premier uses Winhelp for its in-product Help system, which is not supported by Windows operating systems versions Vista and later.

A WinHelp tool from Microsoft that enables you to view WinHelp files (.hlp file extension) on operating systems up to Windows 8.  Please see KB2214 for instructions.

In Windows10 the winhlp32 file is linked to the user Trusted Installer and the logged in user is unable to act on this file.  You must change the ownership of this file first.


Change the ownership of winhlp32 file

1.    Get the winhlp32.exe file from:

And save to your desktop

2.    Locate the default winhlp32 file (which is located here C:\Windows\)

3.    Right Click on winhlp32 file in that location and select Properties

4.    Click on the Security tab

5.    Click on the Advanced button

6.    On the Owner line, click on Change

7.    In Select User or Group > Enter the object name to select, enter your username and click on Check Names

8.    Of the names found, click on the appropriate one and click on OK

If the right username is not found, see the Additional Information below.

9.    You’ll be returned to the Advanced Security Settings for winhlp32 window and you’ll see the owner is now you.

10. Close all windows


Run the winhlp32 update

1.    Now double click on the winhlp32.exe on your desktop to run it and update your default winhlp32 file. 

2.    Once complete, open Payroll Premier and from the Help menu, select Contents

3.    A message will appear: Windows Help - There was a problem running the macro. (1037)

4.    Click Ok

You will now be able to use the Help features.


Additional Information

If the correct username is not found:

1.    On the Advanced Security Settings for winhlp32 screen, click on Add

2.    Click on Select a principal and enter the correct username

3.    Leave the Type as allow

4.    Set the basic permissions to Full Control

5.    Click OK

6.    Select YES to the Windows Security message

7.    Check that the username appears in the list on Advanced Security Settings for winhlp32 screen

a.    If the username does not appear, follow the above steps to add it again

8.    Highlight the username and click Edit

9.    In Permissions, tick Full Control and OK



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