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Best practice for Reckon Accounts Personal on Win10.
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How do I configure Reckon Accounts Personal to operate seamlessly on Windows 10?


Only the version 2016 and later is fully compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

However, you may still encounter various difficulties when using it, such as:

·         Reckon Accounts Launcher has stopped working

·         This does not appear to be the same computer the programme was originally installed

·         Unable to access your datafile

·         One Step Update does not update share prices and Exchange Rates.

These issues are related to Windows 10 operating subtly differently to earlier windows operating systems.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure seamless operation of Reckon Accounts on Windows 10.

1.    Set the UAC to “Never notify” – this is at the bottom of the vertical slide bar.

In the Search the web and Windows field, type user access, and select the first option Change User Access Control Settings (control panel). 

You may need to delete the licence file at C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\ Config\quicken.lic and register your product once more.. 

This will avoid the continual presentation of the “This does not appear to be the same computer the programme was originally installed” error.

2.    Shift your company file from its Documents location to a folder accessible by all users, like Public documents  - C:\Users\Public\Documents\

(you could also use the Sample file location  at C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Sample\)


This will avoid access issues some users may encounter.


Otherwise, ensure all users have administrator rights and have Full Control permissions to the data folder.


3.    With One-Step Update, download just the Exchange Rates first.  Then download the share prices only.  On subsequent updates you can download both in the one session.


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Submitted: 9/7/2016

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