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Unique displays for some Bank Account and Credit Card numbers accessed by Yodlee Feeds
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When downloading BankData transactions accessed by a Yodlee feed into Reckon Accounts, why do I get the error:

Getting transaction summary error

You don’t have permission to request bank feeds for this account.  Please check the Branch code, Account Number or Yodlee ID in the Bank Account set-up.

I have checked that all my account details are correct and entered according to the guides at:


Not all financial institutions make account information available to their clients in the standard format on their internet sites.

The standard formats for Bank Accounts are:

Australia                 New Zealand

Branch Code            012345   (BSB)        012345   (Bank Branch No)

Account Number       123456789              1234567001 (Acc Number and Suffix)


The standard formats for Credit Cards

Since the start of 2017 Yodlee is masking credit card numbers, so this masking must be used:

Branch Code: 012345 (default number)

Account No:   5353-12xx-xxxx-1234 (dashes and lower case x’s must be included)

Yodlee Credit Card connections established before 2017 will continue to use the standard format:

Branch Code: 012345 (default number)

Account No:   5353123456781234

However, if you delete this feed and create a new one, it will follow the masking format.

Direct feeds to ANZ Business One Credit Cards (via ANZ Online signup) have another format.  Where a credit card number is:  4946 1234 5678 1234, enter:

Branch Code: 000000

Account Number:   0004946123456781234

Direct feeds to Kiwibank Credit Cards will use the following format:

   Branch Code: 000000
Account Number:


Some financial institutions provide unique displays of their account numbers and may mask part of them, and Yodlee receives this information in that manner.  Where it is a credit card then Yodlee will not apply its own masking format.  Generally, the format is how your Account Number is displayed on your Statement on your Financial Institutions’ website.  Some financial institutions that run different series of credit cards may apply different displays and maskings to each. 

In your bank and credit card ledger account setup, you must enter your Account Number in the format that Yodlee receives it.  

In some instances, such as multiple cards on the one account, a financial institution will publish the Credit Card Account Number, and not the Credit Card Card Number.  Please check your statement.

Here are the know exceptions:


Financial Institution                            Yodlee Format                         Traditional Bank Display

Australian Banks                                                                                  BSB      Acc No

ANZ (Australia) - Banking                       016001412345678                   016001  412345678

Commonwealth Bank (CommBiz)            200112345678                          062001  12345678

NAB (Australia) - Banking                       12-345-6789                            083001  123456789

Macquarie Bank (Australia)*                   000987654321                         182182  987654321

BankWest (Australia) - Banking               303-0017654321                     303001  7654321

Citibank                                                 xxxxxx3456                             242001  …..3456

Heritage Bank - Everyday Banki              12345678S13                           638123  12345678

Heritage Bank (Australia) - Ba                 S2198765432                          638123  98765432

Qudos Bank (Australia) - Bankin              161901-02345678 789123

St George Business Banking (Au              0000123456789                      112879  123456789

UBank (Australia) - Banking                    082991123456789                   082991  123456789

* recent change


New Zealand Banks                           

ANZ (New Zealand_ - Banking                06-0123-12345678-000          060123  1234567800

Bank of New Zealand (New Zeala            02-0500-0456789-000            020500  045678900

TSB Bank (New Zealand)                        15-3901-0123456-00              153901  012345600

Westpac (New Zealand) - Bankin             03123401234567000              030401  076543200

Westpac Bank Business Banking              03-0401-0765432-000            030401  076543200

Credit Cards

American Express (Australia) – (1)^        12345                                      3759 123456 12345

American Express (Australia) – (2)^        xxxx-xxxxxx-12345               3759 123456 12345

Qantas Money (Australia) - Card              7654                                        5269 1234 1234 7654

Westpac (Australia) – Credit Cards          xxxxxxxxxx214321                 5366 8765 4321 4321

Woolworths Everyday Money Card           XXXXXXXXXXXX9876                 5678 1234 1234 7654

Virgin Money (Australia) – Cre                 xxxxxxxxxxxx1234                 5353 1234 5678 1234

^ refer to your online bank statement

ASB Bank (New Zealand) - Credi             xxxxxxxxxxxx1234                  5353 1234 5678 1234

ANZ (New Zealand) - Credit Car              4988********4321                4988 1234 5678 4321

Bank of New Zealand (New Zeala            xxxxxxxxxxxx9876                  4596 1234 5678 9876

Westpac Business Online (New Z             547433*******321                5474 3312 3456 4321

Westpac (New Zealand) – Credit Card      ************1234                5474 3312 3456 4321


You must use either X, x, - or * as used by your financial institution, in the positions listed here.


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