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Error - Bank Account BSB and Number must not be empty when uploading a SAFF file to OzEdi
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Why is may SAFF file being rejected by OzEdi?  I get the error:  “Bank Account BSB and Number must not be empty”, but these details are entered into my Super Fund record.


The error relates to details of your bank account that will receive returns of any super contributions that are rejected by the Super Funds.


Detailed Instructions

  1. Identify a bank account that will receive returns of super contributions, if that becomes necessary.

    This account should be the account you use for payroll liabilities processing;

  2. Go to Lists > Chart of Accounts,

  3. Right click your bank account and select Edit Account;

  4. Click on the Online Bank Details tab:



  5. Complete the fields:

    1. Select a financial institution;

    2. Enter the Branch Code (that is, the BSB number);

    3. Enter your bank account number;

    4. Select the Account Type (Chequing or Savings);

    5. You do not need to complete other fields, but those field may be necessary for other processes like ABA processing and BankData.

  6. Click OK when finished.

  7. Go to Edit > Preferences > Banking > Company Preferences;

  8. Tick the box for: Open the Pay Payroll Liabilities form with, and select the bank account selected in 1 above:



  9. Click OK to complete


You should now create your SAFF file again and upload to OzEdi.


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Submitted: 6/10/2016

Modified: 6/10/2016 11:03:06 AM

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