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QODBC download for Reckon Accounts Business
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Where do I get the
Australian version of QODBC?



The Issue

Reckon Accounts  Enterprise and Premier users have access to the QODBC driver for no extra charge.

Any Reckon Accounts user can purchase a license directly from QODBC to work with their Reckon accounts.

There are several variants of the QODBC driver that have different functionality.  The free version supplied with Reckon Accounts is a Read Only version that allows Reckon Accounts  data to be exported to Spreadsheet and database programs (eg Excel). 

Please note that when you download the QODBC driver you will get a 30-day trial to their Read & Write version.  After 30-days you will receive a message that your trial has expired and you will be invited to purchase a license.  Disregard this message.  Your 30-day trial of the Read & Write driver will expire and reverts to the Read Only driver – Reckon Accounts to Excel only.  You may if you wish purchase the full license to obtain the two-way functionality.   


Detailed Instructions

On the page and click the download button at the right of the screen and the bottom, and save to your PC.,

Print out the following support articles:

Setup Options:

How to connect for the first time:

Windows10 users should note:

Microsoft XP & Vista users should note:


Many references in the guides and installation reference QuickBooks.  QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts should be read interchangeably.


To install QODBC:

  1. Go to the folder you saved the downloaded file:

    1. If you are not a local admin user on this PC, right-click qodbc.exe and select Run As Administrator and enter local admin credentials;

    1. Otherwise,      just click on qodbc.exe;
  1. Follow    on-screen instructions to install.

Note:  at the end you will receive a message that the program might not have installed properly.  Select “This program installed correctly” to complete the installation;

  1. Launch    Reckon Accounts  and open your    company file;
  2. Start    > All Programs > QODBC Driver for QuickBooks > VB Demo >    Connections > Add New Connection > Machine Data Source >    QuickBooks Data > OK;
  3. When    the Quickbooks – Application with No Certificate screen opens, select Yes, always; allow access even if    Quickbooks is not running, then Continue,    then in Confirm to Proceed, Yes;
  4. In    Access Confirmation, confirm that you are accessing the correct QuickBooks    Company file then click Done. 
  5. The    VB Demo 32 screen will open to allow you to browse functionality.  Test functionality by clicking on the    Query button and Customer information will appear in the Query    Result.  Click the red X to close. 


To extract information from Reckon Accounts  

  1. Open    Excel 2007 > Data > From Other Sources > From Data Connection    Wizard;
  2. Select    ODBC DSN > Next;
  3. Select    the name of your Reckon Accounts  link      – default is QuickBooks data > Next;
  4. Tick    the box Connect to a specific table;
  5. Select    a item from the Name column > Next;
  6. Select    Finish;
  7. On    Import Data window:
    2. Select      OK to import all columns into Excel
    3. Select      Properties > Definition > Edit Query, to utilize other features of      ODBC before importing data;
  8. Use    Excel functionality to present information. 


Additional Information

To Auto Login into your Reckon Accounts company file see:


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:


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Modified: 5/11/2016 2:24:09 PM

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