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Webmail and Reckon Accounts Business 2016.
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Why arenít my invoices sending via Reckon Accounts 2016 webmail facility?


Webmail requires the sending party to configure their settings for the ISPsí smtp settings.

Reckon Accounts 2016 has configured for, Gmail, Yahoo.

If you are using another provide you will need to set configurations in Reckon Accounts to match your ISP smtp settings.

You can find the required settings from your ISPís help websites.  The major ones are listed below. 

To change webmail settings:

  1. Edit > Preferences> Send Forms;

  2. In email Provider, select Other;

  3. In Email ID: enter your ISP email ID (your email address);

  4. In Server Name: enter your ISPís smtp address (;

  5. In Port, enter the port number assigned to the smtp address;

  6. Click OK to complete.

Care: ISP providers supply at least 2 protocols Ė smtp and then either pop3, mail and imap.  Different port numbers are assigned to these different protocols.  Be sure you select the smtp details. 



Major ISP webmail configuration support


Telstra Bigpond













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Modified: 8/24/2017 1:55:45 PM

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