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Payslips show incorrect amount of Accrued Leave but other reports are correct after upgrading file.
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Why do payslips from the latest version of Reckon Accounts Business show an incorrect amount of Accrued leave, while other reports show the correct amount?


Please refer to  Kb for updated information.

This error is likely to happen if you process a pay in the new financial year before upgrading to the new Tax Table version (usually R2).  You may have deleted the transaction before upgrading and re-entered it.

Once a transaction is passed for the new financial year, a leave marker used by payslips is created in the background as the first leave amount for the new financial year.  This leave marker is not changed when the transaction is deleted.

Your Accrued Leave on ;payslips is now running about one pay ahead of the proper amount while other reports and the Employee record show the correct amounts.



1.    Restore and upgrade a backup from before the first pay of the new financial year.

2.    Process the first pay

3.    Re-enter any other transactions.



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Submitted: 7/28/2015

Modified: 12/8/2017 4:24:46 PM

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