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RESC on Payment Summary is incorrect or does not match totals in Payroll Summary Report
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Why doesnt the RESC amount on the Payment Summary match the RESC amount on the Payroll Summary Report?


An item on a pay that impacts on RESC needs refreshing.


Detailed Instructions


Reportable Employee Super Contributions (RESC) are super items paid from pre-tax earnings.  These items include:

  1. Salary Sacrifice (SS)

  2. Employer Additional (EA)

  3. More than 9% for the Super Guarantee (SA)

  4. More than the negotiated amount of a Collective Agreement (CA).

Where the RESC amounts do not appear to correspond between reports, please ensure that all RESC items on the Payroll Summary Report have been considered eg Salary Sacrifice and Employer Additional. 

Where there is still a difference, then Reckon Accounts is not reporting on all pays.  A refresh of the pay should fix the problem. 


To locate and fix the pay that is creating the error:


1.    Click on Reports, Employees and Payroll and select the Super Report by Fund;

2.    Click on Modify Report and in the columns box scroll down to RESC Amount and tick it;

3.    Scroll down to the relevant Fund and Employee and identify the pay which should have an RESC amount but does not, or any other irregularity;

4.    Double click on the pay; click on Unlock Net Pay;

5.    Delete the Super items contributing to RESC and re-enter them for the same amount;

6.    Repeat for all affected Funds and Employees

7.    Generate the Super Report by Fund and the RESC amount should show;

8.    Generate the Payment Summaries and Payroll Summary Report and the RESC totals should now be equal.



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Submitted: 7/27/2015

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