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Cannot activate across the internet using Internet Explorer v10
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Why can’t I activate across the internet when I use Internet Explorer v10?  I can access other Reckon pages an internet sites.



Turn off Protection Mode on Internet Security


The Issue

Internet Explorer v10 contains new elements that conflict with the Reckon Activation Server. 

By default the Internet Security option “Protection Mode” is switched on.  This function in Internet Explorer ver.10 now prevents your PC connecting to the Reckon Activation Server.

Protection Mode is a good security feature.  We suggest turning this feature off only to activate your product and then turn it back on to maintain your level of security.


Detailed Instructions

1.    Close Internet Explorer to terminate the logon attempt.

2.    Open Internet Explorer > Compatibility View Settings;

3.    In Add this website, enter* and click Add;

4.    Also add the following websites:




5.    Click Close.

6.    Tools > Internet Options > Security;

7.    Click on Internet icon;

8.    In Security level for this zone, untick the box enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer);

9.    Restart Internet Explorer;

10. Activate your product;

11. Turn Protected Mode back on:

a.    Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet icon

b.    Tick the box Enable Protected Mode;

c.    Restart Internet Explorer

Your Internet Explorer is now restored to its original security level.


Submitted: 8/7/2013

Modified: 8/28/2013 3:11:41 PM

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