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Transfer Cancelled when entering, editing a transaction, or transferring between accounts in Quicken
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Why does my transaction fail to save with the error: Transfer Cancelled?



This error will occur if Quicken loses its currency tag and no longer knows what the home currency is. 

This may result from a faulty Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal installation.

Also, upgrading from earlier versions of Quicken (particularly CashBook v8) is particularly vulnerable to this error. 



Uninstall Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal and reinstall using the ISsetup.exe installation file. 


  1. Backup your Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal datafiles;
  2. Uninstall Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal;
  3. Insert the Installation disk into your PC and exit any autorun screen that opens;
  4. In Windows Explorer browse to the root directory of your CD;
  5. Click on HAB > Disk1;
  6. Right click ISsetup.exe and select Run as Administrator

You may be prompted for a username and password.  Make sure you enter an Administrator username and password.

  1. When the installation is complete, register your product again and open your datafile. 


If your re-installation attempt fails with the message “The Wizard was interrupted”, you will need to clean uninstall your Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal installation and try again.  See KB 4333: for full instructions. 


If the problem persists, then manually change the home currency:

1.    On the top menu line select Tools and then Currency List

2.    On the title line verify that the 3rd-to-last column is title Rate/AU$

If it is not go to Step 3: Clean uninstall and reinstall of Quicken

3.    In the last column titled Home, verify that a green tick is against Australian Dollar.  If it is not, tick it.


If the problem persists, then continue with these steps:

1.    On the top menu line select Tools and then Accounts List

2.    Verify that the balance columns show amounts with an AU$ in front of them

3.    Right-click on the first account without the AU$ and select Edit

4.    Click in the Name field and note the name of the account, and then:

a.    Click on Delete button on keyboard

b.    Re-enter the name exactly as it was

c.    Click OK to finish

5.    Repeat steps 3 & 4 for every account that does not have an AU$ in its balance. 


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Submitted: 1/8/2013

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