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How to use RA Timer with Reckon Accounts Hosted
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Where can I get Reckon Accounts Timer (formerly QB Pro Timer) for Reckon Accounts Hosted and how do I install it?


RA Pro Timer for Reckon Accounts Hosted is available from the Help page on the Quickbooks Hosted landing page:

A guide is available at:

It must be installed on your local PC.

In the top right corner under Links, click on RA  Pro Timer download and follow the instructions. 


Before you can use RA Pro Timer you need to import your lists from Reckon Accounts Hosted.

  1. In Reckon Accounts Hosted, activate the Time Tracking function: Edit > Preferences > Time Tracking > Company Preferences > and select Yes for Do You Track Time?

  2. In Reckon Accounts Hosted, File > Timer > Export Lists for timer > OK > select your Hosted Q-drive as the location and a name for the file (eg: Timer);

  3. Click the blue Downloads icon in the top right of the screen and copy your timer file to your local PC: 

    1. In My Live (Q) drive, left click on your timer file;

    2.  Click on Save As to choose a location on your PC

    3. Select a location eg, your Desktop;

    4. Click Sae to save it.

  4. Now launch RA  Pro Timer on your local PC: 

    1. Start > All Programs > Reckon Accounts  Timer > Reckon Accounts  Pro Timer (for simplicity, create a Desktop icon);

    2. File > Import Reckon Accounts  Lists > continue > Browse to the Timer export file created in Reckon Accounts  > Open.


To use RA  Pro Timer:

  1. Click on the New Activity button;

  2. Fill in the details or each box, using the dropdown arrows

  3. Enter the Time and any notes;

  4. Click OK to complete. 


To import timer information to Reckon Accounts  Hosted:

  1. In RA  Pro Timer, File > Export timer Activities > Continue > Select the appropriate date > OK > Save to a name and location (eg Desktop) > Save > OK;

  2. Upload this export file to the Reckon Accounts  Hosted environment:

    1. In Reckon Accounts Hosted, click on the blue Upload icon in the top right;

    2. Browse to the location of your Timer export file on your local PC;

    3. Double click on it to upload it to the Hosted environment (My Live (Q) drive). 

  3. Open your company file and import your time activity:

    1. File > Timer > Import activities from Timer > OK >

    2. In My Live (Q) drive, select your timer export file.

    3. Your RA  Pro Timer information has now been imported into your Reckon Accounts  Company file.



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