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You do not have permissions to email or Save As PDF from QuickBooks on a Terminal Server 2003
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Why am I unable to email or Save as PDF in QuickBooks QBi on a Terminal Server 2003?  I am able to email from other programs; only QuickBooks has this error. 


The reason for this error appears to be related to user permissions to access the internal QuickBooks PDF converter. 


Detailed Instructions

1.    Generally, users require “Power User” rights to access QuickBooks on a Terminal Service 2003. 

Depending on specific network setup, the user may need to be a member of the “Domain User” group. 

2.    The QuickBooks PDF Converter must be installed with full Local Administrator rights to the Terminal Server 2003.  Reckon suggests the following procedure for users experiencing this problem:

a.    Close all Terminal Server sessions to QuickBooks;

b.    Logon to the Terminal Server 2003 with the Administrator credentials;

c.    In Devices & Printers, delete QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter;

d.    Go to the QuickBooks installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx/x1) and click on install.exe to reinstall the PDF converter;

see KB1154 for full instructions:;

e.    In Devices and Printers, rename the Amyuni PDF Converter to QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter – take care to name it exactly like this.

f.     Open QuickBooks while still logged in as the Administrator and test the Save As PDF and emailing.

3.    Give all QuickBooks users full control to the QuickBooks PDF converter:

a.    In Devices and Printers, right click on QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter and select Printer Properties and the Security tab;

b.    Highlight the appropriate user group (eg QuickBooks Users) or individual users, and in the Allow column of Permissions for..... ensure Print, Manage this printer and Manage documents are ticked;

c.    Click Apply and OK to save and close.

4.    Close QuickBooks, log out the Administrator user, log in as a normal user and test the Save As PDF and emailing functions.


Submitted: 11/23/2011

Modified: 11/23/2011 11:14:58 AM

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