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Reckon Accounts Hosted screen continually freeze (locks up) while in a session
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Why does my Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) Hosted lock up whenever I leave it idle for a few minutes?


Resize your Reckon Accounts Hosted screen and check the connectivity integrity of your router.


The Issue:

This problem has been experienced by only a handful of users.  It is a hard one to isolate and appears to be related to either:

  • The size of the Reckon Accounts Hosted screen
  • The router


Replacing the router has resolved the issue for many users.

There does not seem to be any particular router that experiences the problem, so the issue may be the result of a number of factors, including other hardware issues and quality of internet connection. 

Routers that some of our Accredited Partners have found highly reliable are:

·         DLINK DSL-2740B

·         Linksys WAG-120N

We do not recommend wireless internet connections as these have a higher probability of losing connectivity.  However, an Accredited Partner has success with:

·         Netcomm Gateway Series ADSL2+ Wireless N300 4-Port Modem Router (NB6PlusWn)

Users with the following routers experienced the problem and when replaced, the issue was resolved:

·         NetComm 3G15Wn

·         Netcomm NB6Plus4W

·         Dlink DSL-2642B

·         TP-Link TD8960N


The following notes are provided as a guide and should not be considered comprehensive.  After following these steps you may still have the issue.



Isolating the cause of the problem

Before purchasing a new router users should eliminate all other possible causes for the problem. 

1.    Reduce the size of the web-browser:

a.    Minimize the screen by clicking on the middle of the 3 buttons in the top right of the web-browser;

b.    Stretch out the browser window to nearly the full size of screen.

2.    Ensure you are accessing the appropriate website for your account:

a.    Standard Account:

b.    Premium Account - Citrix Receiver Desktop:

c.    Premium Account - Web Access:


3.    Refer to Microsoft KB article  Follow through on their recommended checks. 


4.    Try connecting from another computer on the same office network. 

If the problem persists try accessing from the same computer through another network like a wireless internet?

If you can access from the independent network then the problem is confirmed with the office network.


5.    If the local network has not been eliminated as a contributor:

a.     Standard Users:  uninstall and re-install the Reckon Infrastructure Compatibility Checker both logged in as a User and the built-in Administrator – see KB3623 for full instructions.

Check connectivity.

b.    Boot up in Safe Mode with Networking.  Check connectivity.

c.    Turn off HP Credentials Manager or other Desktop Managers.  Check connectivity.

d.    Clean up your PC:

                                          i.    Run a virus and malware cleanup utility

                                         ii.    Cleanup and Defragment the hard disk

                                        iii.    If running older versions of Internet Explorer, upgrade to Version 8

e.    Check Hardware setup:

                                          i.    Check Router settings

                                         ii.    Check Cables

                                        iii.    Check NIC cards

                                       iv.    Check all cables, extenders, wall plugs, repeaters, hubs.

f.     Check your line connection.  Remove all other devices on your office phone socket (eg cordless phones), remove the line filter to the ADSL router, reboot the router and test connectivity.

                                          i.    If it works then one of the other items is interfering with your connection.

                                         ii.    If it still does not work then call your ISP and have your line checked.


6.    If all hardware checks are positive, then you should consider the router. 

a.    Update the router’s firmware.  Check connectivity

b.    Carry out a ping test to check the integrity of the modem’s connectivity to the Hosted Server

c.    Try a different router on your network (borrow one from your IT professional).  Note:  you may have to try more than one router.  When you gain consistent connectivity replace your router with this model or one of the known reliable ones listed above – check that the chosen router is supported by your internet provider.   

If you still have the problem, refer to your IT professional for guidance. 


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Submitted: 9/30/2011

Modified: 11/1/2016 11:25:08 AM

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