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H202 error Ė Database Server Manager unable to access company file after upgrading
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Why canít the server-based Database Server Manager access QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts Business company files after upgrading?  Error H202.


In a network environment Accounts business (formerly QuickBooks) processes communicate through a dedicated port.  This port must be made an exception in security software such as anti-virus and internet security systems. 

Each Accounts business version operates on a unique port:

         Accounts Business 2018 use Port 10181

     Accounts Business 2017 use Port 10180

     Accounts Business 2016 use Port 10179

     Accounts Business 2015 use Port 10178

     Accounts Business 2014 uses Port 10177

         2012/13 uses Port 10175;

         2011/12 uses Port 10174;

         2009/10 and 2008/09 uses Port 10172. 

You can view which port your Accounts Business version is using by opening an Accounts Business file and viewing the Product Information screen by pressing Ctrl+1.  Look for the entry Server Port about three-quarters down the page for the Port Number being used. 



Make Port 10177 for Accounts Business 2014 (or relevant number for your version) an exception in all your security applications to allow the Database Server Manager to access your company files. 

Submitted: 6/29/2011

Modified: 8/7/2018 1:35:56 PM

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