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Preparing Payment Summaries and EmpDupe Files in Payroll Premier
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What steps do I need to take to ensure my employees have correct Payment Summaries and that I submit a correct Empdupe to the ATO?


The default reporting setting in Payroll Premier is the Pay End Date, that is,  the last day of the pay period. 

The ATO requires payroll information to be reported on a Date Paid basis, that is, the day the employee was actually paid.


Where your Pay End Date and Date Paid are on or before the 30th June, Payroll Premier will automatically produce the correct Payment Summaries and Empdupe.


If you have a pay with a Pay End Date in June and a Date Paid in July, or a Pay End Date in July and a Date Paid in June, your Payment Summaries will print correctly but you will need to make a printing preference adjustment to get a matching Empdupe file.    

Your Empdupe file will print according to your printing preference.  By default the printing preference is set to Pay End Date.  If that is your setting (and it will be if you have not changed it), then the Empdupe will be different to the Payment Summaries. 

To change your printing preference:

1.    On the top menu line select File and then Preferences and Printing icon;

2.    Change the Print By box to Date Paid and click Save;

3.    Create the Empdupe file;

4.    Return your preference to Pay End Date.


Note:  When you change the Print By box Payroll Premier will re-index your file.  This process will take a little time.  If you have a particularly large data file over 100 employees (current and terminated) and many years of history you should allow a couple of hours for this process to complete.  During this process you may get a Not Responding message - do not act on it and let Payroll Premier continue and finish naturally.


Submitted: 7/1/2010

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