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Importing Share Price Data into Quicken using the CSV (Comma Seperated Value) file format
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What is the right CSV file format to import share price data into my Quicken Portfolio?





Note:  The volume information is not imported if it exceeds 200,000,000.


The following import formats are acceptable:

ABC, 123.456

ABC, 123.456, 12/31/02

ABC 123.456 12/31/02

ABC, "ABC", 123.456, "12/31/02"

"ABC", "123.456", "12/31


We Recommend using a text editor or Microsoft Excel to edit and manipulate these file types


Detail Instructions

Before you start we suggest to create a couple of backups of your file.

Import security prices from a text file
A text file (or CSV file) is a simple comma-delimited file with the extension .txt or .csv.  When you have created your file you must save it in the *.txt file extension. 

You can import this file into Quicken using the following procedures:

1.    Choose Investing menu > Portfolio.

2.    Click on File > File Import > Import Prices.

3.    In the Import Price Data window, in the File field, enter the full path of the file with your price data. 

4.    In the Date field, change the date information if necessary.

If the file doesn't contain specified dates, import the prices to the date entered here. The currently selected date in Portfolio is the preset display in this field. Quicken matches prices with your securities if they have the same symbol. If your securities don't have symbols, you'll need to edit them first so they do.

5.    Click OK.



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