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Last file opened does not open when Personal Plus launched - see Welcome Screen repeatedly
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Why does the 'Welcome to Personal Plus/Home and Business' window appear every time I launch the program?


The ‘Welcome to Reckon Personal Plus’ screen will open if Personal Plus cannot locate the last data file opened.  Reckon Personal Plus may not be able to locate the last data file opened for a number of reasons:

1.    The data file name is longer than 8 characters (even though you were able to open the long filename previously);

2.    You recently upgraded Personal Plus and your data file is not on the local hard disk - for example it may be on an External drive, USB stick or a Network drive;

3.    You have moved the data file from another computer;

4.    The data file has become corrupted.



Before following these steps, ensure you have at least one backup of your file on an external media.


1.    Open your data file from its current location;

2.    Create a new data file by copying the existing data file: 

a.    File > File Operations > Copy;

b.    Select a folder to place the new file (it can be the same folder);

c.    Change the name of the data file, ensuring it is less than 8 characters;

d.    In Copy Options, ensure the From box is the first date in your data file and the To box is today’s date;

e.    Tick the other two boxes;

f.     Click OK to create the new file;

g.    In File to Use, select New Copy and click OK.

 ** If you get the error Could not find the file filename_date, go to the section below

3.    Validate and Supervalidate the new file:

a.    File > File Operations > Validate > select the new file and click OK;

b.    File > File Operations > hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and select Validate > select the new file and click OK.

4.    Close Reckon Personal Plus

5.    Launch Reckon Personal Plus.  Your new data file should open.


If you get the error Could not find the file filename_date:

1.    Close Quicken/ Reckon Personal;

2.    Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location of your data file;

3.    Note that there are a number of files with your filename_date but with different file extensions – like QDF, IDX, QPH, HCX, QHI, HIM, and others;

4.    Rename all files with a name of no more than 8 characters.

You should be able to launch Quicken / Reckon Accounts without the welcome screen opening. 


If Reckon Personal still opens to the ‘Welcome to Reckon Personal Plus’ screen, continue with the following steps:

1.    Create a new folder on the Local Disk C: drive (or in My Documents) and type in a name. For example, Quicken Data.

2.    Make a backup of your data file on an external media (i.e. a USB memory stick or a CD)

3.    Create another backup copy in the new folder created in step 1.

4.    Now restore the data file from c:\Quicken Data.  The restore process will ask whether you would like to overwrite the backed up file created in step 3 - choose Yes.

5.    Go to File menu and choose Open.

6.    Navigate to C:\Quicken Data and select the file to open.

7.    Click OK

8.    Close Reckon Personal Plus and re-open it again.


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Submitted: 2/1/2010

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