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ProductKey is invalid Error in Reckon GovConnect for Payroll Premier 2019/20
ID: 5750 Category: Payroll Premier Status: Resolved Views: 252

I have exported my JSON file out of Payroll Premier 2019/20 and uploaded to Reckon GovConnect but it brings up an error at the top of the page which says "Invalid Product Key". How can I fix this?

Please see below instructions on how to fix this error:

1. Open Payroll Premier 2019/20
2. Go to File > Company Information > Numbers tab
3. Ensure the "Phone No" field does not have any spaces, dashes or any special characters in it. This field should only contain digits in it.
4. Click OK
5. Export the JSON file again
6. Upload to Reckon GovConnect

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Submitted: 8/5/2019 Modified: 8/5/2019

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