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Entering Gross Amounts (Tax inclusive) or Net Amounts (Tax exclusive) in your transactions.
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How to enter Gross Amounts (Tax inclusive) or Net Amounts (Tax exclusive) in your transactions such as invoices, sales receipt or bills?

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Reckon One:


You can choose to enter the gross amount (tax inclusive) or net amount (tax exclusive) in your transactions, such as invoices, sales receipts, bills or Journals etc via a tax setting.

1) Go to Administration menu on the top right corner and select Settings.

2) Scroll down to Tax settings and select General.

3) Go to Default sales figures field.

a) If you want to enter the Gross amount in your sales or purchases, select Gross (Tax Inclusive) in the drop-down

b) If you want to enter the Net amount in your transactions, i.e. your invoices, sales receipts, or bills etc, select net (Tax Exclusive) from the drop-down

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Submitted: 10/9/2018 Modified: 10/9/2018

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