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“Invalid Company Information error” in Govconnect STP when submitting pays from Reckon Accounts.
ID: 5675 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 4006


When lodging a Pay Event via Reckon Govconnect STP portal, why do I get the error:  “Invalid Company Information error”?  I have checked all the Company information and they are correct. How can I fix it?

Applies to:

Reckon Accounts Hosted, Reckon Accounts Business Desktop.


The Legal Name in your Reckon Accounts company file must match the company name in GovConnect with its CASE SENSITIVITY – the case sensitivity may be different to the appearance of your company name on the ABN lookup look up tool https://abr.business.gov.au/

Detailed steps.

1.    On the Reckon GovConnect Portal home page, 

a.    On your STP tile, take note of the GST Branch number (it may be blank);

b.    click on your tile and then click on Company & Advisor Info 

take note of the Company Name and its CASE SENSITIVITY;

2.    In Reckon Accounts, on the top Menu line click on Company > Company Information;

3.    In the Legal Information section, in the Legal Name field, make sure the name matches precisely the Company Name on the Reckon GovConnect portal, and is entered with its CASE SENSITIVITY;

4.    In the Tax Rego ID field:

a.    Ensure the ABN is correctly entered in the larger field;

b.    In the smaller field enter the GST Branch Number as noted in 1a) above;

If you do not have a GST Branch number, leave this field BLANK.

5.    In the Phone # field enter landline numbers in the format 0291231234 and mobile numbers in the format 0412123456;

6.    Click OK to save.

You should now be able to process your Pay Event through Reckon GovConnect STP.


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon.

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Submitted: 6/28/2018 Modified: 7/4/2018

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