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“Request Error” when trying to launch Reckon Accounts Hosted.
ID: 5668 Category: Reckon Accounts Hosted (previously QuickBooks Hosted) Status: Resolved Views: 413


I’m unable to load Reckon Accounts Hosted as I get “Request Error. The server encountered an error processing the request…” error message when I click
on Launch Reckon Accounts Hosted. How can I fix the issue, so I can log back into
Reckon accounts Hosted?


Applies to:

Reckon Accounts hosted


The issue can be easily resolved when you reset the browser and clear the browser cache

1)   Clear the browser’s Cache, history, and cookies and try login again. Please follow your browser-specific instructions on how to be able to do that.

    • For the most browser, including Chrome, hit Ctrl + Shift + Del key together to open the clear browsing data window.
    • Select Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, cached images and files checkbox and press Clear Data button to delete them.


Please take caution, as the option to delete the saved passwords, autofill form data etc are on the same area, and unless you wish to delete them, you should not select them.

2)   Try login from Incognito mode if using Google Chrome or Private mode from other Browsers.
To open in incognito mode: please see browser specific instructions as below:

Google Chrome: Instruction

Microsoft Edge: Instruction

Firefox:           Instruction

3)   If Possible try login from another PC on another network to rule out any network or PC related issue.

Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:https://community.reckon.com/reckon

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Submitted: 6/13/2018 Modified: 6/18/2018

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