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Copy and Paste function is not working on Reckon accounts Hosted when using in Mac.
ID: 5666 Category: Reckon Accounts Hosted (previously QuickBooks Hosted) Status: Resolved Views: 169


Why canít I use copy and paste function using keyboard shortcuts in Mac?

Applies to:

Reckon Accounts Hosted users in Mac using a web browser other than Google Chrome or Opera


Use Ctrl +C and Ctrl +V command along with Command + C and Command + V to use copy and paste in hosted and MAC environment, respectively.

Detailed steps.

Copying from Local Mac to Hosted, via Clipboard.

As Reckon Hosted is running in Windows environment, it only recognises the Windows shortcut keys. When you wish to copy certain texts locally from Mac to Reckon Accounts Hosted,

  1. Select the text you wish to copy.
  2. Use CMD+C key to copy them
  3. Open a clipboard and Use CMD+V key to paste in a clipboard.
  4. Now from the Clipboard, highlight the text again and press Ctrl+C key to copy.
  5. Now navigate to where you wish to paste the text in Hosted (such as invoices or bills etc) and press Ctrl+V key to paste.

Copying from Hosted to Local Mac, via Clipboard.

Similarly, if you are copying text from Accounts Hosted to your local Mac, you will do the above steps in reverse order, as below.

  1. Select the text you wish to copy.
  2. Press Ctrl + C key to copy.
  3. Open a clipboard and Use Ctrl+V key to paste in a clipboard.
  4. Now from the Clipboard, highlight the text again and press CMD+C key to copy.
  5. On your Mac, navigate where you wish to paste, and press CMD+V key to paste.
Google Chrome or Opera Users
If you are using one of these web browsers, you no longer need to use the clipboard and above keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste directly between your local Mac and Hosted.

You can simply copy and paste directly from your local Mac to Hosted.

Additional information:

The issue only occurs if you are using it on Mac environment.

Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:https://community.reckon.com/reckon

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Submitted: 5/31/2018 Modified: 7/12/2019

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