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Leave amount is incorrect in the Payslips. Although it is correct in the employee’s record.
ID: 5623 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 3356


Why are the accrued leave hours (including Annual leave or personal leave) are printed wrong in the payslips? I have tried correcting the hours on the employee’s leave card, however, it is not reflecting correctly in the payslips. How can I fix it?

Why do payslips from the latest version of Reckon Accounts Business show an incorrect amount of Accrued leave, while other reports show the correct amount?


Who does this applies to?

This issue is effecting random Reckon Accounts Business (Plus, Premier and Enterprise/Hosted) users using 2015 and later releases.


We have identified the issue where the payslips of some employees do not display the correct accrued leave hours. This issue is totally random.

We understand although the payslips do not show the correct hours, the leave liability report and the leave hours in employee actual record shows the correct hours.


Please note: While we have known this KB to fix most of the issues we have tested, we can not warrant that it will fix the issue in every case.

The workaround to the issue is to reset the hours for leave for the employee and entering it manually after rebuilding the files 3 times.

Please follow the below steps to fix the issue which is categorised into two parts:

Part 1: Preparations

  1. Backup the file. Make a fresh new backup of your Reckon file and keep it separate in a safe location so you can easily access it if required.
  2. Print the Current ‘Leave liability’ report and ensure you know the current leave accruals for each employee prior to making any changes.

Part 2: Execution

1) Go to the employee menu and select the employee which has an issue with leave.
2) Edit the employee.
3) Go to ‘Payroll & Compensation’ Info Tab
4) Click on the Leave Details Tab
5) Note down the existing Year Begins on “xxxxx”, Day “xx” and Begin accruing time on “xx/xx/xx” field for the employee (or take a screen shot of the existing details. As you will need to enter them back once the fix is done.)

6) Do this for both Personal and Holiday
7) Tick the 'Reset hours each new year' option for the employee
8) Enter the Year begins on, Day and Begin accruing time on field as a date after the last pay entered but prior to the next pay date (i.e. if the last pay was on 08/11 and the next pay is on 15/11 enter any date between 09/11 & 14/11 as the reset date)
9) Do this for both Personal and Holiday
10) Rebuild the data file 3 times (File > Utilities > Rebuild)
11) Process the next pay (eg 15/11), the leave will reset.
12) Go into the Employee record and enter the correct Amount of Personal and Holiday Leave (and untick the Reset option)
13) Enter the correct ‘Year begins on’, ‘Day’ and ‘Begin accruing on’ field as well as noted in step 5 above.
14) Next week when you process the next pay (i.e. 22/11), the leave accruals will be correct in Payslip & Employee Record and the Transaction.
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Ask the Reckon Community at:https://community.reckon.com/reckon

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Submitted: 12/8/2017 Modified: 3/21/2018

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