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Reckon Accounts Hosted and backup of your data file.
ID: 5596 Category: Reckon Accounts Hosted (previously QuickBooks Hosted) Status: Resolved Views: 496


I use Reckon Accounts Hosted, do I have to backup my own file? 

How can I secure and/or backup my file in Reckon Accounts hosted?


Reckon Accounts Hosted uses AWS datacentres and all your data files are safe within Australia in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region. Although we have a backup of these servers they are only for the disaster recovery mechanisms. We do not individually backup userís data files.

Please See our data policy here 

Reckon Accounts Hosted provides the My Live (Q) drive for your regular QBW files and My Backup (B) drive for your backup files.

We strongly recommend you to make use of the backup drive and make regular backups of your data files. All your backup files are saved in My backup B drive. Once the backup is done, you should also download them locally to your PC for your own safe keeping.

Please note if you do not make a backup of your files, you may risk losing your financial records.

Detail steps on how to backup file.:

1) Login to your hosted data file.

2) Go to File Menu -> Save copy or Backup.

3) Select Backup copy/ Portable company file depending on your requirements.


4) We selected backup copy in this example. Click Next.

5) Select Local backup. Next


6) You will now be prompted with backup location. It will by default go to B: Drive. Leave as it is.

7) Select the verification type. As your requirement. (Occasionally Complete or Quicker verification is recommended). Please see Kb on complete verification for more information.

8) Press Ok. And Finish

This process will now start the verification of the file followed by backup.

Once the backup is done we recommend you to download (http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=5594) the file to your local PC too, so you have a local copy of your file.

Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:https://community.reckon.com/reckon

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Submitted: 8/31/2017 Modified: 9/1/2017

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