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Share Prices are not updating?
ID: 5513 Category: Accounts - Personal Range (previously Quicken) Status: Resolved Views: 1040


My Share price used to download but it has now stopped downloading.


Some users may have an issue downloading the share price based on the conditions below:

Condition 1:

You have entered an incorrect ticker symbol when setting up your security name, or the actual security may have updated the ticker symbol since you last created the security name.  

    1) When the one-step update window is open, click the select Quotes hyperlink from the right and all your security list will open, double check all the ticker symbol.

2) If you have any incorrect or weird symbol, open your security list and correct what is needed.

      -  Click the Investing menu > Security list

     -  Right click > edit the security name to correct the ticker symbol

     -  Go through the complete list and see if there are more and correct them all.

     - Try downloading the share price again and see if the share prices are now correct.

NOTE: you can use the any third-party share market website to double check the ticker symbol or the look up button in the Edit Security Details to check if the symbol is correct.

This is very important because Reckon Accounts Personal range uses the symbol to download the correct symbol via our servers.

Condition 2:

See if the Security settings are all correct, ex: type, and asset class:

 1) Click the Investing menu > Security list
 2) Right click > edit the security name to correct the type or asset class
     EX:  For AU, NZ and U.S stocks

Type: Stock

Exchange: Australia for AU, New Zealand for NZ and Other for U.S

Asset class:  Australian stocks for AU, New Zealand stocks for NZ and International stocks for U.S

If the security is one of the indices  make sure to choose Market Index as the type, and most common than not the Asset Class is set to Unclassified.

3)      If the settings are incorrect edit the settings accordingly.

     4) Press the Ok button to save the changes made.

     5) Download the share price again.

Condition 3:

Possible issue with the file or the security name itself is corrupted.

  1.      Rename the security that is not downloading the share price correctly.
  2.      Create the same security with the correct settings.
  3.      If the same issue is happening proceed with the following steps.
  4.      Create a new file or load the sample file and create a few security names and make sure that you entered the settings correctly.
  5.      Download the share price again and check if it is working.

Condition 4:

Possible issue with your anti-virus Internet Firewall and update has happened. It is often noticed that users Router's Firewall is also blocking the connection to our server. Please refer to manufacturer's guide and disable or modify the firewall to allow the connection to Reckon.

  1.      Try to disable the firewall and download the share price again.
  2.      Use a different computer.

Condition 5:

Please check the file location. It is advised to keep the file in the default location in local drive. You can, however, choose to backup the file to the different location but it is worth checking the file location and moving the file location to different places to see if that resolves the issue. Please use file copy function from the file menu to move the file to different locations.

Condition 6:

Please check and verify your online services license is valid. Go to help menu on top and click on my License information. if the online license service is expired, you will not be able to download the share price. This usually occurs if you are using 2 years or older release. Please upgrade to the new release.

Condition 7:

The issue maybe because Reckon is experiencing some technical issue please call our technical support. 

Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com/reckon 

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Submitted: 12/15/2016 Modified: 7/3/2017

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