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Strange prices downloaded for a share
ID: 5507 Category: Accounts - Personal Range (previously Quicken) Status: Resolved Views: 149


Why does one of my shares show a strange price?  It should be 12.34 but is showing 123,4000.


Change the Security Type to Stock


The Issue

If the share settings are changed in an incorrect way then the One Step Update will receive different instructions on its identity and access the price or index value of a similarly titled security.  It may also fail to update the share if the identity it has does not correspond to any security in the database.

A common error of a large discrepancy is a share’s type changing from Stock to Market Index.



1.    On your Investing broker Overview tab, right click your share and select Edit Security

2.    In the Type field click the dropdown arrow and select Stock

3.    Click OK to Save.

4.    Right-click your Share again and select Price History

5.    Highlight each incorrect line and click on Delete.

6.    Close the box when finished.

7.    Run One Step Update to obtain the latest prices (up to 5 days).


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon


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Submitted: 11/25/2016 Modified: 11/29/2016

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