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Other Payroll Items not assigning properly to classes in RAB 2016.
ID: 5458 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 342


Why don’t some payroll items that are assigned to classes on a payrun appear as assigned on the Profit& Loss by Class Report?


This is an issue in Reckon Accounts Business 2016 when multiple Ordinary Earnings Items are used and assigned to different Classes, Other Payroll Items will not be apportioned to those classes according to the ratios of the Ordinary Earnings Items as in previous versions.  The total of the other payroll item will be assigned to the class of the first ordinary earnings item.   

Earnings items are assigned to the correct Classes.

Reckon apologises for the inconvenience this issue is causing.  It is being investigated.


Use a General Journal to switch relevant amounts from the Class that received the total assignment to Classes that should have an assignment.

For example,

3 ordinary earnings items have hours assigned equally to 3 classes.  Full Super expense of $90.00 is consequently booked only to Class1.

General Journal:

Payroll Expenses:Super – Credit 60.00 – Class: Class1

Payroll Expenses:Super – Debit  30.00 – Class: Class2

Payroll Expenses:Super – Debit  30.00 – Class: Class3

(These transactions will not appear on Payroll Reports as they are not processed through the payroll module.)

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Submitted: 7/29/2016 Modified: 8/25/2016

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