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Unable to log into Hosted with a Samsung Tablet
ID: 5421 Category: Reckon Accounts Hosted (previously QuickBooks Hosted) Status: Resolved Views: 398


Why won’t Reckon Accounts Hosted accept by login on my Samsung tablet?  I have no problems on my normal PC?

Download a 3rd party keyboard; or

Access the web browser in “secret mode”. 

The Issue

Considerable difficulties have been reported using the Samsung on-screen keyboard. 

This may be because another application has locked the keyboard, so resetting may make the keyboard usable again.  However, the keyboard remains vulnerable. 

Using “secret mode’ appears to work, however its response time is considerably slower.


3rd party keyboard

Download a 3rd party keyboard compatible with your Samsung tablet – like Google Keyboard .  from Google Play. 

Ensure that Google Keyboard is set as default keyboard input method before you login to Hosted and use that to enter your password. 

Turn on secret mode

1.    Open the browser

2.    Click on the tabs icon on the bottom right corner

3.    Select enable secret

4.    Log into to Hosted 

Need more help?

If you still have problems you may find your answer on the Reckon Community at:  https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon


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Submitted: 5/19/2016 Modified: 11/10/2017

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