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Cannot find the language resource file dblgen9.dll error when opening RAB after a re-install
ID: 5415 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 2367


Why can’t I launch Reckon Accounts Business after a reinstall?  I get the errorr:  "Cannot find the language resource file dblgen9.dll"?


Run reboot.bat in the installation folder.  If that does not address the issue then uninstall and reinstall the programme.


The Issue

The dblgen9.dll file is a necessary file for Reckon Accounts Business.  If it has become de-registered or damaged, Reckon Accounts Business cannot open.

This can happen when starting an install of one Reckon Accounts version when the uninstall of another Reckon Accounts version has not yet completed.

It can also happen when another installation process is operating (for instance, an Automatic Update) and writing to similar folders and registry keys. 



Re-register all dll files.

  1. In Windows Explorer go to your installation folder:

    1. (Default:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 20xx\)

  2.  Scroll down to reboot.bat and double click on it

  3. Allow the process to run through in the Command window

  4. When complete close the command window, Windows Explorer and launch Reckon Accounts business.


If you still get the error, perform a clean uninstall and then install again. See the clean uninstall guide here.

Update 12/10/2018

If the error persists or if are getting “Your Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks installation may have been modified. Try re-installing Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks and then try again. (-6010, 0)” error message please follow this KB http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=398 to resolve the issue.

If you still have problems you may find your answer on the Reckon Community at:  https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon


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Submitted: 5/17/2016 Modified: 10/12/2018

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