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Best practice for Save as PDF and Emailing in Reckon Accounts Business on a Windows 10 PC
ID: 5338 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 7896


Why can’t I Save as PDF or email from Reckon Accounts Business on a new Windows 10 PC? 

When you email or create a PDF file for the first time on a Windows 10 PC you may get errors like:
  • Error Code -20 Printer not Activated

  • Printer Not Activated error code - 20 or – 40;

  • Could not print to printer;

  • Activation error -41.


  • There is no default mail client

  • Microsoft Outlook:  A program is trying to send an e-mail on your behalf

  • Server Busy

(these email messages are benign and you should answer in the affirmative and continue.)


The steps you need to take will vary according to your version of Reckon Accounts and former QuickBooks (Australian) versions, and your previous operating system.


Reckon Accounts 2014 & 2015

  1. Close Reckon Accounts Business

  2. Delete printer files – QBPRINT.QBP and wpr.ini – at C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ Reckon Accounts 2015. 

    1. (If you cannot see the ProgramData folder, at C:\ click on view and tix the option Hidden items).

  3. Set the Reckon Accounts Business launch icon to run as administrator:

    1. Right-click icon > Properties > Compatibility > Settings, and tick the box Run this program as an Administrator


You should be able to email and create PDF files without difficulties.

If problems persist then continue with the steps below until resolved. 


Older versions of Reckon Accounts Business (formerly Quickbooks)


To Save as PDF or email from Reckon Accounts Business and QuickBooks various components need to be properly configured.  This is more important when different versions of components are present on a PC. 

Depending which Reckon Accounts Business version you are using you may have the following entries in their Devices and Printers:

  • Reckon PDF Converter

  • QuickBooks V303 PDF converter

  • QuickBooks V4 PDF Converter

Most problems will be avoided if each of these printers is set to its own port. 


Note for Windows 10 Home Edition:  you must log onto your computer with the Built-in Administrator account.  See Additional Information below for logging on as the built-in administrator.

Please Note that during the changeover period from QuickBooks to Reckon Accounts Business, some parts of the programme may still refer to QuickBooks.  Wherever QuickBooks is used it implies Reckon Accounts Business.  Reckon Accounts also means Accounts Business. 


  1. Delete Reckon Accounts Business printer files – QBPRINT.QBP and wpr.ini – see description above.

  2. Try to Save as PDF or Email again.


If problems persist, then continue with the following steps. 


  1. Turn off UAC

    1. Close all open programmes;

    2. Start> Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Accounts Control settings;

    3. Slide bar to Never notify;

    4. Click OK – you will be forced to reboot your PC. 


  1. Assign all PDF converters to a separate port:

    1. Delete Reckon Accounts Business printer files – QBPRINT.QBP and wpr.ini – see description above.

    2. Start> Devices and Printers;

    3. Right-click the first PDF converter – eg: QuickBooks V4 PDF converter – and select See what’s printing.  Delete any jobs in the queue.

    4. Right-click the first PDF converter again and select Printer properties;

    5. Click the Ports tab and then click the Add Port button;

    6. Select Local Port and click the New Port button;

    7. In Enter a Port Name, enter an appropriate name - for QuickBooks V4 PDF converter we suggest Reckon V4.  Click OK to save.

    8. Confirm that this port appears in the list of ports then click Apply;

    9. Click the Advanced tab;

    10. Select Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster;

    11. Clear the checkbox labelled Enable advanced printing features.

    12. Select Print directly to printer.

    13. Click the Driver drop-down arrow and select Amyuni Document Converter 400 (or 300 for older versions).

    14. Click Apply and then click OK.

    15. Right-click the Windows taskbar and choose Task Manager.

      1. Click the Processes tab > Select Background Processes > Spooler SubSystem App > Print Spooler and click the End Task button.

    16. Close the Printer properties window.


  1. Repeat Step 4 for every QuickBooks PDF converter and Send to OneNote.  We suggest the following names for ports:

    1. Reckon V303 – QuickBooks V303 PDF Converter;

      Driver name is Amyuni Document Converter 300

    2. Reckon – Reckon PDF Converter

      Driver name is Amyuni Document Converter 400

    3. Quicken – Quicken PDF Converter

      Driver name is Amyuni Document Converter 300


  1. Delete Reckon Accounts Business printer files – QBPRINT.QBP and wpr.ini:

(yes, delete them again.)

  1. Set Reckon Accounts business to Run as Administrator:

    1. Right-click your Reckon Accounts icon and select Properties > Compatibility;

    2. Under Settings, tick Run this program as an administrator

    3. (for QuickBooks 2011/12 and earlier, tick the box Run this program in compatibility mode for, and select Windows XP service pack 2)

    4. Click OK.


Reboot the PC and try to Save as PDF and email again.


If problems continue, resetting the Windows default printer settings may help.  See the guide in http://www.quicken.com.au/kb/issue_view.asp?ID=4547.



Additional Information

Logging on as the Built-In Administrator on a Windows Home Edition machine

    1. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories;

    2. right click Command Prompt and left click Run as administrator;

    3. to turn on the built-in administrator, type:  net user administrator /active:yes

      [When you have completed all actions, turn off the built-in administrator by typing:  net user administrator /active:no ]


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon.



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Submitted: 9/23/2015 Modified: 8/31/2016

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