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RESC on Payment Summary is incorrect or does not match totals in Payroll Summary Report
ID: 5324 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 3329


Why doesn’t the RESC amount on the Payment Summary match the RESC amount on the Payroll Summary Report?


An item on a pay that impacts on RESC needs refreshing.


Detailed Instructions


Reportable Employee Super Contributions (RESC) are super items paid from pre-tax earnings.  These items include:

  1. Salary Sacrifice (SS)

  2. Employer Additional (EA)

  3. More than 9% for the Super Guarantee (SA)

  4. More than the negotiated amount of a Collective Agreement (CA).

Where the RESC amounts do not appear to correspond between reports, please ensure that all RESC items on the Payroll Summary Report have been considered – eg Salary Sacrifice and Employer Additional. 

Where there is still a difference, then Reckon Accounts is not reporting on all pays.  A refresh of the pay should fix the problem. 


To locate and fix the pay that is creating the error:


1.    Click on Reports, Employees and Payroll and select the Super Report by Fund;

2.    Click on Modify Report and in the columns box scroll down to RESC Amount and tick it;

3.    Scroll down to the relevant Fund and Employee and identify the pay which should have an RESC amount but does not, or any other irregularity;

4.    Double click on the pay; click on Unlock Net Pay;

5.    Delete the Super items contributing to RESC and re-enter them for the same amount;

6.    Repeat for all affected Funds and Employees

7.    Generate the Super Report by Fund and the RESC amount should show;

8.    Generate the Payment Summaries and Payroll Summary Report and the RESC totals should now be equal.



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Submitted: 7/27/2015 Modified: 7/27/2015

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