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Statutory Super amounts appear in RESC field of Payment Summary in Payroll Premier 2014/15
ID: 5287 Category: Payroll Premier Status: Resolved Views: 1608


Why do some employees’ Statutory Super amounts appear in the RESC field of the Payment Summary when using Payroll Premier 2014/15?



Upgrade to 2015/16, or, download and install the Payroll Premier 2014/15 R2.


The Issue

In Payroll Premier 2014/15, Super Guarantee Contributions (Statutory Super, currently 9.5%) paid to either under 18-year-olds working less than 30 hours a week, or those employees earning less than $450.00 per month, will be posted to the RESC fields, as these classes of employees are exempted from receiving Super Guarantee Contributions.

In most cases, Super Guarantee Contributions paid to these classes of employees does not constitute a Reportable Employee Super Contribution. 


Solution 1

Download and install the updated version of Payroll Premier 2014/15 from:  

This is a full installation, so

1.    Backup your data file

2.    Uninstall your current 2014/15 R1

3.    Install 2014/15 R2 and restore your backup 

4.    Backup the R2 copy of your company file.


Solution 2

1.    Complete your last pay for 2014/15

2.    Install 2015/16 to resolve this issue and create your Payment Summaries and Empdupe before your first pay.

3.    (if you need to make corrections, make them in the 2014/15 version and upgrade your file again.)


Please Note.  The Empdupe file will still show the incorrect figure.  To change the figure in the EmpDupe file, see the directions in KB5302.



Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon.


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Submitted: 6/23/2015 Modified: 7/6/2015

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