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Admin password for a Reckon Accounts Business upgrade
ID: 5281 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 1239


What is the Administrator password I need to use when upgrading my company file to the latest version of Reckon Account Business or applying a Tax Table Update?


Use the “built-in” Admin User credentials to your company file.


The Issue

******   Reckon Accounts Hosted should read the guide at  KB5280   ******


When upgrading your company file you will be asked for an Administrator username and password.  This is the “built-in” Administrator User to the company file and by default is given the name “Admin”.

The built-in Admin is not the same as a user created with full Administrator privileges.  Only this built-in Admin can upgrade a file

This built-in Admin may be given another name – it is often held by the primary user of the company file.  In the list of Users it will appear as: John (Admin).


If you are having trouble with the password:

1.    Try the password as a blank field;

2.    Ensure capitals, numerals and other characters are used correctly;

3.    Ensure there are no blanks before or after the password.

4.    Try other familiar passwords.


If you still can’t locate the password, you can request the password be removed from our Data Recovery team.  To request a service click here. Charges apply.



Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon.


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Submitted: 6/18/2015 Modified: 6/18/2015

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