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File name gets longer with additional numbers added
ID: 5233 Category: Accounts - Personal Range (previously Quicken) Status: Resolved Views: 1126


Why is my file name getting longer with additional numbers added to the basic name? 



Rename your file to a shorter name and without a string of numbers.


The Issue

The additional numbers are dated that a backup was made.

Your file name will acquire these dates if

·         you include a date when you create an “old style” backup – that is, you do not tick the box Backup data to compressed archive file (*.rkn) file; then

·         open the latest backup to use as a working file; 

·         backup again and choose to add the date to the backup name;

·         continue opening the latest backup as a working file.

Automatic addition of the date to the backup name is controlled in Preferences.

Even though backups can be opened as working files, backups should be reserved for disaster recovery and troubleshooting.

Always open your working file. 



1.    Rename the current file to a shorter name:

File > File Operations > Rename

2.    Assign separate folders for your working files (eg: Documents\RA Personal\Backups) and your backup files (eg: Documents\RA Personal\Backup).

3.    Create a backup of your renamed file to your backup folder using the compressed archive file (*.rkn)

If you have attachments and are using a pre 2015 version (still called Quicken) then you must use the old-style backup.

4.    To move your files to a new location, restore your newly made backup:

a.    File > Restore Backup

b.    Select your backup file or

c.    On the Restore window, choose your folder for your working file

d.    In the Restore File screen, in Save in, navigate to your folder for working files;

e.    In File name box, enter a name for your working file and click OK;

f.     Open the restored file from File > Open and navigate to your folder for your working file.

g.    Close RA Personal.  Launch it again and ensure the restored file opens.

h.    Check the location by reading the file details by clicking on File and seeing the last 4 files opened at the bottom of the dialog box. 


To set/omit the use of dates in the backup file name, click on Edit > Preferences > Program > Setup > Backup, tick or untick the box Add the date to file name (QDATA_20080804)



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Submitted: 2/17/2015 Modified: 2/19/2015

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