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Maximum number of characters for Reckon Account data fields
ID: 4688 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 484


What is the character limits for the various Reckon Accounts data fields?


Field                                          Maximum characters

Account Name                             31

Account Numbers                        7

Amount                                      9,999,999,999,999.99

Maximum amount per transaction   99,999,999.99

Custom field (Items)                    30

Customer message (Invoices)        101

Customer, Vendor, Other names     41

Item name                                  31

Employee Name (first and last)      25

Item description (Invoices)             4095

Item Part number                         31

Job Description                             99

Memo**                                      4095

Note Field                                   4095

Notes in Shipping/Billing Address     41

Username                                   29

Password                                    16

Ship to Name                              41

Text Box                                    1000

Invoice Number Field                    11

Lot Numbers                               40


**While the memo field will contain 4095 characters only 56 will display on checks. 96 characters will display on a Transaction Detail report.


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Submitted: 10/17/2012 Modified: 8/3/2018

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