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Printer window opens and QuickBooks crashed when emailing
ID: 4547 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 6285


Why does QuickBooks crash when I try to email?  When I click to email a printer window opens; I then click on Cancel and QuickBooks crashes.


You will experience this behaviour when:

·         you have a faulty QuickBooks PDF Converter

·         Windows default printer settings are damaged.  Your settings are damaged if:

o    You can’t change the default printer;

o    There is no default printer;

o    You can’t set a printer as the default.



Windows Home Edition users must carry out these steps logged onto the PC as the Built-in Administrator.  To Log in as the Built-In Administrator:

a.    Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories;

b.    right click Command Prompt and left click Run as administrator;

c.    to turn on the built-in administrator, type:  net user administrator /active:yes

[When you have completed all actions, turn off the built-in administrator by typing:  net user administrator /active:no ]


Step 1:  Reset the QuickBooks PDF Converter

1.    Close QuickBooks;

2.    Open the Devices and Printers module:  Start > Devices and Printers;

3.    Right-click QuickBooks V303 PDF Converter and select Set as default printer;

4.    You will receive a Warning box with an Asterisk symbol – click on it;

5.    Click on the option to Fix;

6.    When the process finishes set the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter as the default printer – see Step 2;

7.    Now set your normal printer as default – see Step 2;

8.    Close the Devices and Printers module

Attempt sending an email from QuickBooks again. 


Step 2:  Reset the Windows default printer settings

1.    Start > type regedit in the Search field and select regedit.exe from the list;

2.    Backup the Registry by

    1. Windows 7 & Vista: Start button > type regedit into the search box > Enter;
    2.  Windows XP: Start button > Run > type regedt32 > Enter;

 If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    1. On the top menu line, click on File >Export
    2. Select a location to save the file and in the File Name box enter a name;
    3. In the Export Range section, click on All;
    4. Click Save.

3.    Go to HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\ (if the Windows key doesn't exist, create a new key).

4.    Export this key to the desktop (for safety reasons)

5.    Then check for the Device string value (create it if it is not there)

Also you may have to give the user account full control over the Device key to make this change

6.    Give it the value: winspool,Ne00 (if there is anything else there, change it to this value.)

7.    Press OK to save that value.  Close the Registry.

8.    In Devices & Printers you will now notice there is no default printer set.  Set your preferred printer as the default printer.

9.    Open QuickBooks and email an invoice.  The printer window will no longer come up (if it does or if you get a different error like error -41 go back follow KB ID 4546 again).


If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter.  See KB4536 http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=4546 for full instructions. 


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Submitted: 6/14/2012 Modified: 4/11/2013

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