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Error (-6129,0): Database connection verification failure, when opening or creating a company file
ID: 4123 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 2116

Why do I get the error:  (-6129,0): Database connection verification failure, when i try to open my company file or when I try to create a new company file?


This error will be experienced by network users and can be caused by:

         Antivirus software running on the computer creating the new company file

         A damaged network data file (.nd file)





Creating a new company file

Solution 1: Save the company file with a different name

1.    In the Easy Step Interview, click the Leave button;

2.    When you see the "Save the file?" message, click Yes;

3.    Enter a different file name and click Save;

4.    If you still see the error, try solution 2.


Solution 2: Disable antivirus and other software using Windows Safe Mode

1.    Restart the computer in Safe mode;

2.    Disable your antivirus software.

Note: You may wish to disconnect the computer from the internet to avoid virus and other computer attacks while your antivirus is disabled.  Reconnect the computer to the internet once you have completed these steps.

3.    Create the new company file;

4.    Restart the computer in normal mode;


Opening an existing company file

1.    Search the computer that hosts the QuickBooks company file shared folder for files named *.nd;

2.    Right-click the .nd file with the same name as your company file and select Rename;

3.    Append OLD to the end of the file name and press Enter;

4.    Click the Windows Start button and choose Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager;

5.    Click the Scan Folders tab;

6.    If the folder containing the QuickBooks company file is not listed, click Add Folder to add it;

7.    Click Scan;

8.    After the scan has completed, click Close;

9.    Open the company file.


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Submitted: 6/21/2011 Modified: 6/21/2011

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