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Employee accumulates leave while taking Paid Parental Leave
ID: 4002 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 381


Why is leave accruing when I pay my employee only Paid Parental Leave?  In the payroll item setup on the Inclusions window, Include in Every Hour worked leave accruals is unticked.



When you select Every Pay as the method for leave accrual in the Employee Record, leave will accrue by the specified amount every time a pay is generated. 

If the employee is in a situation where they will be receiving a pay but not entitled to accrue leave, then the Employee Record must be changed not to accrue leave.



1.    In the Employee Record go to Leave Details. 

2.    In the relevant Holiday tabs do one of the following:

a.    Enter 0 (zero) in the Maximum number of hours; or,

b.    Make  Hours accrued per pay blank; or,

c.    Change the Accrual period to Every hour.

3.    Diarize to restore original settings when the employee returns to normal hours of work.  To set a Reminder:

a.    Go to Company > To Do List;

b.    Enter a note to restore Leave Accrual details for the Employee;

c.    Set the date for when the Employee returns to normal hours of work

d.    Click OK to save.

e.    On the due date, this To Do item will appear on the Reminders List;

f.     You can view active To Do items at Reports > List > To Do Notes;

g.    When Employee Record is restored, open the To Do note and tick the box Done.


Additional Note

Every Hour selection for leave accrual is not affected and does not accrue leave when used, provided that in the Inclusion window, Include in Every Hour worked leave accruals box is unticked.


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Submitted: 3/17/2011 Modified: 3/17/2011

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