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Resorting the QuickBooks lists
ID: 342 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 221

How Do I re-sort my lists in QuickBooks?


What is happening?

  • Lists appear out of order
  • New entries appear at the top of the list
  • Reports appear out of order
  • Name filter drop-down auto-fill not working in the Advanced Find.

One or more of your QuickBooks lists may be out of order and need to be resorted.

To do this;

  1. Close any application running on the computer
  2. If you currently have QuickBooks open, exit/close the software and re-open QuickBooks and select the data file you wish to perform the verify and rebuild
  3. Open the Write Cheques window ( go to Banking menu > Write Cheques or press Ctrl + W)
  4. Click into the Pay to the Order field on the cheque form so that the cursor is flashing
  5. Press Ctrl + L on your keyboard to display the Names List
  6. At the bottom of the list, select the check box Include Inactive or Show All
  7. From the View menu, select Re-sort List. Click OK to the message that follows
  8. Go to the List menu and select Chart of Accounts
  9. From the View menu, select Re-sort List. Click OK to the message that follows.
  10. Repeat this process with the remainder of the List menu, including Customer and Supplier Profile Lists sub-menu.

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Submitted: 10/22/2008 Modified: 5/20/2014

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