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INB Payment Summaries window appearing when emailing pay slips in Payroll Premier
ID: 2252 Category: Payroll Premier Status: Resolved Views: 509


Why is the INB payment summaries window appearing when emailing pay slips in Payroll Premier?


This will occur when your company file name or company information has more than 30 characters or has commas in the name.

To change this;

1. Locate your data file. The default location of the file is:

  • Windows XP - C:\Program Files\QPRollvXX\Data
  • Windows 7 & Vista - C:\QPRollvXX\Data

where XX represents the version number of your Payroll Premier:
2010/11 = 19
2009/10 = 18
2008/09 = 17

 2. Right click the data file and select Rename
 3. Reduce/rename the file name to no more than 30 characters
 4. Click OK
 5. Locate a file called QCompany.TPS from the same default location
 6. Right click QCompany.TPS and select Delete
 7. Click OK
 8. Open your  Payroll Premier
 9. Select your data file and click OK
10. From the File menu, select Company Information
11. Reduce/rename the company name to no more than 30 characters
12. Click OK

You will now be able to email pay slips without the INB Payment Summaries window appearing.

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Submitted: 9/3/2008 Modified: 7/1/2015

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