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Some or all employees are not showing up on STP export report
ID: 5699 Category: Payroll Premier Status: Resolved Views: 486


Why are some or all my employees not appearing in the STP report when I’m trying to export it after completing the payrun, in Payroll Premier 2018/19?

Applies to:

Reckon Payroll Premier 2018/19


The issue appears to be for some user, where the data file may have been corrupted. Use the Archive data function to remove old data from the files and clean up the possible corruption.

Detailed steps.

We have observed, on many occasions, that the issue was mainly due to some form of corruption present in some of the terminated employees. It is also observed that this has happened mostly to the users with the large or older data files.

We recommend you use the Archive Data functions provided within the application and try removing these old data from the file to remove the corruption.

1. Go to file -> Archive Data

2. Leave the From Emp and To EMP field as it is.

3. Leave the From Pay Date as it is. (it should by default pick the date of the start of the file)

4. In the To Pay Date, put 30/06/2018. (this will remove all the data from the Start date to 30/06/2018)

5. In the To for files change to C:\ or a USB drive etc, not the A:\


6. Now go to the Advanced Tab. 

7. Select, ‘Archive Terminated Employees and Their Pays’

8. Select, ‘Remove Pays from Current Company’.


9. Press OK to start archive.

The archive functions will now start.

It will make an archive of the file and remove the old data (which seems to have an issue). The next payrun should include all employees in your STP export.

Additional information:

The Backup file created on the process above will still have all the data/information prior to the archive. You should keep it safe and refer to it when or if needed.

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Submitted: 1/08/2018 Modified: 1/08/2018

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