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Payroll Premier is creating 2 STP JSON files for submission. Which one to use?
ID: 5688 Category: Payroll Premier Status: Resolved Views: 246


When I export STP Reports for ATO it creates two export files, called STPEXPORT.JSON and STPEXPORT_date_time(1).JSON. What are these 2 files for and which one should I use for my submission?

Applies to:

Reckon Payroll Premier 2018/19 and later.


Use the file named STPEXPORT.JSON for your submission to ATO. The other file is just a duplicate copy and is for your record keeping purpose, as it has the date and time stamp as a file name, indicating when it was created.

The STPEXPORT.JSON file gets overwritten with the new file, on every new payrun.

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Submitted: 6/07/2018 Modified: 6/07/2018

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