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Create new user in Reckon One, Delete the user, share the book with accountants
ID: 5559 Category: Reckon One Status: Resolved Views: 1454


How to create a new user to my Book? How to Remove the users from the Book? How to share the book with my accountants/partners?


In Reckon one, adding new user/staff to the book or sharing the book with an accountant, all the user and permission to the books is handled via the Portal.

Please see the Guide on how to create the new user, how to Delete the user how to share the book with new or existing user, on new Reckon Portal

Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Communityat:https://www.reckon.com/au/support/one/.

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Submitted: 9/06/2017 Modified: 28/02/2018

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