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Exception message when making a List Request in GovConnect
ID: 5428 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 441


Why can’t I get my List Request fulfilled in GovConnect? I keep getting the errors:

Exception Message:

Error occurred when closing the client connection

Inner exception message:

Invalid provider type specified

I am unable to proceed with submitting my BAS.


Set your Region and Language settings on your computer to English (Australia).


The Issue

If you have the wrong Language and Regional Settings, then your request to SBR for your Lists will not be recognised.


To change your Regional and Language settings:

  1. Close GovConnect and Reckon Accounts

  2. Control Panel > Region and Language > Formats tab

  3. In the format field, click the down arrow and select English (Australia)

  4. Click OK to complete

Windows10 users – Region and Language are separate Control Panel items.

  1. In Region – select Australia

  2. In Language – select English (Australia)

Now launch Reckon Accounts, open your BAS Lodgement Form and click on Lodge.  GovConnect will open and you will be able to connect successfully to SBR and download your List Request.


Need more help?

If you still have problems you may find your answer on the Reckon Community at:  https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon


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Submitted: 30/05/2016 Modified: 30/05/2016

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